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Factors to Consider in Deciding between a Debt Collection Agency and a Collection Law Firm

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LighthouseSoffer, Rech & Borg, LLP is a general commercial litigation firm. We have been representing clients in business and personal matters for four decades. Our practice area include:

Our primary responsibility is to our clients, their businesses, and their families. Our advice and work product must always be of the highest quality. Our work must be promptly, professionally, and cost-effectively performed.

There is no geographical limit on our ability to handle claims for our clients. We personally handle cases in the State of New York. Cases outside New York State are referred to our nationwide network of experienced attorneys for suit. We act as our clients’ liaison with the local attorneys, and we provide them with supervision and our expertise in the handling of your claims. Our local attorneys are bonded and are closely monitored for the quality of service that they provide.

Additionally, we are associated with several attorneys in an Of Counsel capacity, enabling us to provide representation in multiple areas including estate planning, landlord/tenant, criminal, family, personal injury, and matrimonial matters.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the ways in which this office may assist you or your business.

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