Practice Areas: Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Our corporate and commercial law practice covers a full range of services typically needed by corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, including advising you on day-to-day problems that arise in the course of your business. We form corporate entities, prepare shareholder and buy-sell agreements, contracts, employment agreements, commercial leases and family limited partnership agreements. We can also represent you in connection with mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation and arbitration, intellectual property matters and the purchase, sale and leasing of commercial real estate. Additionally, we can assist in developing a comprehensive estate plan designed to protect you and your loved ones, minimize taxes and ease the business succession process.

Soffer, Rech & Borg, LLP is committed to reaching out to and developing new relationships with the growing Metropolitan Area business community, while maintaining existing ones.

Corporate Representation

Whether you are a considering going into business for yourself, or are running an existing business, Soffer, Rech & Borg, LLP has the experience that you need to meet the needs of a successful business. We have helped many individuals enter the business world, and have also had the opportunity to assist multi-million dollar corporations in various aspects of corporate governance and operations.

Small Business Representation

When starting your own business, the first question to be considered is the type of entity that you will form. Will you be a sole proprietor? A corporation? A limited liability company? We can help you and with the assistance of your accountant, we can answer this question.

Generally, small businesses should not be run as sole proprietorships. If the business fails or is held liable in a law suit, the sole proprietor will be personally responsible. This means that if sued because of something that happens in your business life, your personal assets and home could be at risk. Forming a corporation or limited liability company can alleviate that risk. Formation of these entities requires certain filings with the state and federal governments which we can help you prepare. We can also assist in the creation of the corporate records, which must be maintained by all formal entities.

If you are considering starting your own business, please consult with us so that we may guide you through this exciting new venture, and help you avoid many common pitfalls.